Video-Performance Colonastics / by Joana Tischkau

Colonastics © Joana Tischkau
At this very moment, sofas and kitchen tables are being pushed to the side to make space for yoga mats, bedrooms are being turned into fitness trails, and carpets into weightlifting areas. At the core of this new-found quarantine life is the very present idea that you can re-emerge as a stronger, fitter and better version of yourself, the modern myth of unlimited and constant progress. Whether you practise these activities in the safe environment of your newly created home gym or in the studio, one thing trending sports like yoga, Zumba, pole dancing and breakletics have in common is that their vocabulary, albeit simplified to the point of being unrecognizable, feeds off an imaginary esoteric and exotic space and copies the physicality of those constructed as the "other".
Joana Tischkau's Colonastics workout also invites you to clear your surroundings and work up a sweat to decolonise your body, mind and spirit. Take part in a physical practice that developed out of the unmarked embodiment of whiteness and which carves out a blueprint of white masculine embodiment from which it sheds light onto the colonial and neo-colonial practices of the fitness industry. Because at last maybe you can have it all, the rationality of a straight white man with the physicality and corporeality of a black woman.
(by Joana Tischkau)
Colonastics is a production by Joana Tischkau.
Conzept & choreography: Joana Tischkau
Artistic cooperation & dramaturgy: Elisabeth Hampe
Sounddesign: Frieder Blume
Camera & cut: Malu Blume
Graphic design & animation: Justus Gelberg
Production management: Lisa Gehring

Performance in English.