Online Seminar Listening Sessions: Who Does Sound Belong to? / with Joseph Kamaru and Sven Kacirek

Listening Sessions: Who Does Sound Belong to? © EL BOUM
The discourse surrounding postcolonialism and its public understanding is currently strongly biased towards the restitution of material cultural goods. But there are questions concerning the idea of “ownership” even with regard to intangible items of cultural heritage and who is authorised to handle them. It is essential to take a closer look at structures, which are characterised by colonial developments, for instance in the music industry.

In terms of music and sound, what value should we attach to original, copy, amalgam, bricolage, (un)authorised appropriation, mix and sample? Working with a variety of sound objects in a “blindfold” situation with groups of up to 10 people, Joseph Kamaru and Sven Kacirek investigate whether aesthetic dominance can be heard, the role played by “authenticity”, and whether cooperation projects lead to a mutual penetration of art that is genuine and equal.

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