Panel Feminist and Decolonial Alliances in the Cinema

Feminist and Decolonial Alliances in the Cinema © Vila Sul
Panel with Émilie B. Guerétte (filmmaker, Montreal), Sabrina Fidalgo (filmmaker, Brazil), Graciela Guarani (filmmaker, Brazil) and Peggy Nkunga Ndona (filmmaker, Congo/Canada)

This conversation proposes an encounter between women filmmakers of different origins, who have in common the desire to question the colonial and patriarchal order of the world through their artistic work. How to transcend the traditional dynamics of power, both in the narratives produced and in the production process itself? How to form healthy alliances between people with distinct privileges and places of speech, in order to empower critical or subversive narratives? Can we think of a decolonial feminist ethical and poetic code to guide our work and that of other filmmakers with similar intentions?
(by the filmmakers)

Part of the virtual Vila Sul Residency Programme.

In Portuguese, simultaneously translated into English.