Video-Performance & Conversation The Mourning Citizen / by Trixie Munyama

The Mourning Citizen Performance © Andreas Elifas
Video-Performance (Duration: 29 Min) by Trixie Munyama (choreographer und performer, Windhoek), followed by conversation and Q&A with Vitjitua Ndjiharine (Artist, Windhoek) and Prasanna Oommen (Moderator, Köln)

The Mourning Citizen is an extension of The Mourning, an original body of work conceptualised by Trixie Munyama in 2016. This time around, the work interrogates the underlay of the genocide as a historical focal point which continues to haunt our present.
Our collective devised process begins with asking ourselves, how do we mourn? Who holds a passport to mourn?
We are deeply concerned about how Namibian patriarchal nationalism has denied us the right to mourn. We recognise how culture and memory has been captured and demobilised in the new dispensation. We also know that the Ministry of Mourning and Restorative Justice is non-existent. Therapy is expensive.
We acknowledge the unaccounted bones that litter the land. The ancestors are not asleep. We are aware of the haunted public sites. Ghosts dancing and singing about the struggle. We find our acts, rituals and archives of mourning in our cultures, communities and far between spaces of:

This performance art is an onsite collaboration between various Namibian artists with an immersive artistic intervention featuring visuals, soundscapes and performance art, bringing a personal experience as the audience becomes part of the performance. For the “Latitude” festival, Trixie Munyama and her artistic companions convert the work into a digital format.
(by Trixie Munyama)

Gift Uzera, Patricia Amoomo, Justina Andreas, West Uarije, Joy Kaperu, Joanne Sitler (Dancers), Justine Thwabi (Actress), Enchanté (Musician), Sam Batola (Guitarist), Raymond Mupfumira (Musician), Chris Eiseb (Drummer), Nesindano Namises (Spoken Word), Isabel Katjavivi (Sculptor), Hildegard Titus (Visuality and Design), Vitjitua Ndjiharine (Visuality and Design), Jacques Mushaandja (Curator and Musical Arrangement), Trixie Munyama (Artistic Director), Tulimeke Shileka (Production Assistant), Jumper Namibia (Video Production)

Film and conversation in English, the conversation will be translated into German simultaneously.