Documentary & Conversation While We Wait – Tanzanian Artistic Production in Times of Corona / by Vicensia Shule

While We Wait – Tanzanian Artistic Production in Times of Corona © Laís Machado
The current crisis has brought cultural production in Tanzania to a standstill. Vicensia Shule was originally supposed to contribute a theater production to the Berlin edition of the Latitude festival but is currently unable to perform. Instead, she has invited other affected artists from various fields–film, music, visual arts, and theater—to have their say in video interviews. She documents their work and how they deal with their creativity in this new situation.

While We Wait presents a story of artists in Tanzania in the times of corona. It’s a story of four artists Tumaini Mwambasi (theatre, film & voice actor), Juma Rajab (actor & sound producer), Thobias Minzi (painter & film producer) and Vitali Maembe (community musician) with prologue and epilogue from Vicensia Shule (theatre, film and online content producer). With over 20 years of active practicing, several with international experiences, these artists share their mixed feelings and individual impact of coronal in their lives. While they all agree on the negative impacts of the COVID-19 on their career, its important to note that to a certain extent, corona has exposed to the world challenges facing some artists in Tanzania even before corona.”
(by Vicensia Shule)

Documentary and conversation by/with Vincensia Shule (artist, filmmaker and lecturer, Dar es Salaam), Prasanna Oommen (moderator, Cologne)

The filmic interviews are in Kiswahili with English subtitles. The conversation is in English.