Video chain reaction Good Question, Next Question: Identity

Good Question, Next Question: Decolonise the Internet © EL BOUM
Video chain reaction with Malcolm Ohanwe (journalist, Munich), Urvashi Butalia (author and publisher, Delhi), Nelago Shilongoh (theatre producer and actress, Windhoek), Keyna Eleison (Curator, Rio de Janeiro)

Race, class, gender: identity categories like these shape our understanding of ourselves and others. They create community and feelings of belonging, but also lead to exclusion and marginalisation. What forms of discrimination shape our present, and how can one counter them? How can one rethink alliances between different groups and translate them into common political strategies?
In a discursive chain reaction on the topic of “identity,” Malcolm Ohanwe, Urvashi Butaliaand Nelago Shilongoh question our notions of identity and attempt to grasp the tension between the positive and negative dimensions of identity.

In English with German subtitles.