Video-Performance & Conversation Song of the Daughters of the Waters / by Laís Machado

Song of the Daughters of the Waters © Laís Machado
In which way is the experience of the European colonial expansion in the contemporary African diaspora in Brazil still palpable? What traces have the upheavals of colonialism and the experience of the African diaspora left in contemporary Brazil? Laís Machado pursues these questions in her queer-feminist, anti-racist artistic practice using the example of her own body. Her work reflects on forms of coloniality such as gender, “race,” and body norms that pervade our present. What colonial continuities can be traced from historical colonialism and the transatlantic slave trade to today’s interconnected global society? And how can practices of resistance be conceived despite it all? Together with the artist Diego Araúja, she will present the video performance Song of the Daughters of the Waters, which was developed especially for the festival. 
“Song of the Daughters of the Waters is a ritual. It's a spell. It is an essay about the system that generates the ends of the world - the cis-white-normative, heteropatriarchal and capitalist system from the perspective of water. It is an experience lived in countless historical moments by my ancestors, invoked in this work, so that they can contribute with their technologies of reinventing themselves, their affections and their territories.”
The video, built in all its stages in the context of social isolation, proposes a sensory experience that can be defined as a pregnancy in the bird’s womb - our primordial mothers. It is an experimentation in video art of the poetic project that I have been developing, entitled Erù Iyá, which explores in multiple medias the multiple dimensions of water and its connection with the possibilities of construction and destruction of the feminine.

Song of the Daughters of the Waters is the second work in the trilogy named the Machinery of the End of the World. Has a link to the first work in the trilogy, entitled Elegy of the Daughters of the Waters - Machinery of the End of the World, which, in addition to the dialogue with environmental crime occurred in northeastern Brazil in August 2019, reflects the deep connection of aphrodiasporic people in Brazil with what would be called nature, to the point where it is not possible to distinguish where one body begins (what we call humanity) and where the other ends (what we call nature).”
(by Laís Machado)

Before the screening, Aldri Anunciação will moderate a discussion between Laís Machado and Diego Araúja under the title Afro-Perspective - Afro-Reference. They discuss their own artistic work, the difficulties black artists face in Brazil, and present their platform ÀRÀKÁ, which offers black artists a transdisciplinary space for research, artistic practice, and exchange.

The film is in Portuguese with English subtitles. The conversation is in Portuguese, simultaneously translated into English.

Video performance
The artistic video performance contains scenes of explicit nudity that some people may find inappropriate.