Conversation After It’s All Said

After It’s All Said © EL BOUM
Conversation with Denise Ferreira da Silva (philosopher, Vancouver), Laís Machado (transdisciplinary artist and performer, Salvador), MuSa Michelle Mattiuzzi (performer, São Paulo)

In this conversation Denise Ferreira da Silva, Laís Machado, and MuSa Michelle Mattiuzzi reflect on the radical disruptive potential announced in their figurings of the black female body confronting/exposing colonial/racial/cis-heteropatriarchal violence. Reflecting primarily on its capacity to disrupt post-Enlightenment discourses on subjectivity/identity as well as on ethical and political projects these have sustained, their conversation will touch upon global issues such as the various modalities of extraction (including in contemporary art), the paradoxes of visibility and opacity, the racial dimensions of COVID-19, among other.
(by Denise Ferreira da Silva)

In Portuguese, simultaneously translated into English.