Lotte Arndt

Lotte Arndt

Cultural theorist

  • Postcolonial art production, Decolonisation, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Paris (France)

Lotte Arndt is a French culture theorist. She accompanies the work of artists who critically interrogate the postcolonial present and the paradoxes of modernity from a transnational perspective. Within this context, her main focus is on works of art in colonial collections. Lotte Arndt is the author of a dissertation that was supervised jointly by the University of Paris VII and the Humboldt University in Berlin, on the subject of postcolonial changes in African cultural magazines in Paris. She lectures at the School of Art and Design in Valencia, is a member of the Global Art Prospective (INHA Paris) and is currently heading a research project on toxic collections.

Her most recent exhibition projects include: Sammy Baloji. Extractive Landscapes, Salzburg, Austria 2019; Salzburg Summer Academy with Sammy Baloji, 2019; L‘intrus (curatorial work with Natasha Marie Llorens), Tabakalera Donostia, San Sebastián, Spain 2018; Tampered Emotions. Lust for Dust, Triangle France Marseille, France 2018; One Sentence Exhibition, Kadist Paris, France 2018, as well as the Réseau Cinéma Academy of Art research programme (2016–2018).

Lotte Arndt at the Latitude Festival:

Resisting Extractivism

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