Ulf Aminde

Ulf Aminde


  • Culture of memory, Postcolonial art production, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Cologne (Germany)

Ulf Aminde is an artist, performer, filmmaker and activist based in Berlin, Germany. His projects bring together people with completely different social backgrounds, in which social divisions and hierarchies are not only revealed but also prove to be unstable. The transformation of repressed behavior and the call for social change are therefore at the center of his work.

His project, Anti-Racist Memorial for Migration, supports the construction of a memorial commemorating the racist bomb attacks in Cologne in 2001 and 2004. As a counterposition to the racist suspicions against migrants, the foundation of the memorial starts from the concrete floor slab parallel to the house where the bomb exploded in Keupstrasse. Rising from this concrete slab with the help of smartphones or tablets, virtual walls can be activated and viewed by the visitors. The multitude of films create a virtual house that can be entered by everyone. Likewise, everyone is invited to participate in the construction of the house by producing and uploading films themselves. The memorial thus becomes a cinematic stage and a curated critical archive for all forms of resistance against racism.

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