Mandy Sanger

Mandy Sanger


  • The role of museums, Decolonisation

  • Cape Town (South Africa)

Mandy Sanger is a South African educationist and the Head of Education at the District Six Museum in Cape Town since 2003. She qualified as a teacher at the University of Western Cape (UWC), got her Honours in Education (B.Ed) at the University of Cape Town, taught for 15 years at a high schools, was a trade unionist for many years and is completing a Masters dissertation on life histories of District Six women clothing workers affected by apartheid forced removals. Her main focus is on youth and community participation in the life of the Museum through intergenerational, creative educational encounters. In partnership with a number of community based organisations, she facilitates learning journeys that aim to build solidarity across barriers of race, gender, sexuality, age, geography, ability, power and privilege. She designs education programmes related to memory, identity and resistance with a practice component to create public spaces that reflect critically on the role of memorialisation as acts of inclusion or exclusion.

Contributions by Mandy Sanger