Andrés Antebi Arnó

Andrés Antebi Arnó


  • Colonial legacy, Culture of memory, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Andrés Antebi Arnó is an Argentinian anthropologist and documentalist. Since 1999 he has coordinated the Observatori de la Vida Quotidiana (OVQ), an interdisciplinary organization based in Barcelona that promotes the confluence of social research, graphic arts and visual arts. It is part of GRECS (Research Group on Social Exclusion and Control) at the University of Barcelona and works with the International University Programme Cities in the XXI Century, People, Planning and Polithics from SIT. In the decolonial field, he has been curating since 2015 the Barcelona, metròpoli colonial project, which has been implemented in a series of exhibitions and publications, such as Ikunde. Guinea Ecuatorial or Ifni, la mili africana de los catalanes (Ifni, the African militar service of the Catalans).

Contributions by Andrés Antebi Arnó