Anna Delius

Anna Delius

Social scientist

  • Postcolonial world order, Culture of memory, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Berlin (Germany)

Anna Delius is a German-Polish contemporary historian and social scientist in Berlin. Her research focuses on German and European cultures of remembrance. As a representative of a transnational research group on European history, she also examines the semi-peripheries of the European continent and, within the framework of a German-Israeli post-graduate research program, did her doctorate on social movements and the history of human rights in Southern and Eastern Europe. Anna Delius is the co-author of a study on collective remembrance and European identities in Europe, as well as writing numerous specialist articles on remembrance culture and democratic opposition movements in authoritarian regimes after 1945. As a remembrance culture expert, she often airs her views in debates about racism in Germany and thus combines historical research with social commitment. She works for a non-profit foundation on democracy issues.

Contributions by Anna Delius