Aldeide Delgado

Aldeide Delgado


  • Postcolonial art production

  • Havana (Cuba)

Aldeide Delgado is a Cuban art historian, curator and researcher. Her work focuses on ethnic identity, feminism and the representation of women in the visual arts. She founded and runs the Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA), an organization for the research, promotion, and support of Cuban women photographers. Aldeide Delgado studied art history at the University of Havana and currently lives in Miami, USA.

She has worked with the Goethe-Institut on the following projects and publications:

In the magazine Contemporary And América Latina:
Contemporary Afro-Latin American Voices – Old Conflicts, New Expressions
Cuban Contemporary Art Collections – Good Times, But We Should Look Beyond the “Boom”
A Latin American Universe – What Is “Latinx”?

Between the Official the Alternative – What Happened With the Havana Biennial?
The World's Game – Football and Contemporary Art
Catalogue of Cuban Female Photographers – A New Visual Canon for Cuba


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