Dr. Zhang

Li Zhang


  • Postcolonial world order, Postcolonial development cooperation

  • Irvine, California (United States of America)

Dr Li Zhang is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Global and International Studies at the University of California, Irvine. She earned her PhD in Development Studies from the China Agricultural University, College of Humanities and Development Studies in 2017. She was a visiting fellow at Cornell University’s Department of Development Sociology in 2015-2016, and remains a research fellow at the Cornell Contemporary China Initiative. Prior to her appointment at UC Irvine, Dr. Zhang was a research fellow at the China Agricultural University and assistant professor of sociology at Henan Agricultural University.
Dr Zhang uses ethnographic methods to research food sovereignty, rural politics, gender and ethnic identities and sustainable development. She is co-editor of the Research Report on Rural Revitalization in China, 2018-2019, the first nationwide research report on the Chinese government’s current top priority domestic policy, and she has published various journal articles on democracy and socialist theory, ecological agriculture, urban farming and the contradictions between top-down regulations and bottom-up responses to China’s food safety crisis. Her new research projects include an investigation of the new inequalities between urban and rural populations in China structured in terms of health, female leadership and the new feminism emerging in China, which she conceptualises alongside food sovereignty as forms of “quiet social movements”. Dr Zhang further researches the transnational connections between traditional Chinese peasant farming and the global movement for agroecology and food sovereignty.

Contributions by Li Zhang