Beatrix Heintze

Beatrix Heintze


  • The role of museums, Colonial legacy, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Dr. Beatrix Heintze is a German historian and ethnologist. She is a researcher at the Frobenius Institute for Research in Cultural Anthropological at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Her research focuses on West Africa. As a student of Hermann Baumann, an important German Angola researcher of the 1930s and 1950s, she scientifically researched the Nachlass of Hermann Baumann, critically examined the history of German expeditions to Angola, and wrote what is considered the relevant specialist literature on the subject to this day. Even under the extremely difficult conditions of the civil war in Angola and the tearing apart of the German Angola collections during the division of Germany, she maintained research contacts and, after the end of the Angolan civil war in 2001, was the first German scholar to revive research cooperation with Angola.

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