Sven Kacirek

Sven Kacirek


  • Colonial legacy, Decolonization, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Hamburg (Germany)

Sven Kacirek has worked with Shabaka Hutchings, John McEntire, Nils Frahm, Sofia Jernberg, Hauschka, Marc Ribot, Ensemble Resonanz, Stargaze Ensemble and Stefan Schneider. He has been travelling to East Africa since 2008 to work on various projects. The Kacirek and Schneider field recordings of the prolific Kenyan Dodo artist Ogoya Nengo was released on Honest Jons Records in 2015. The album The Kenya Sessions (2011) received the award of the German Record Critics. More recently, Kacirek released the Economic Partnership Agreement record in collaboration with Nairobi based Percussionist Daniel Mburu Muhuni. Sven Kacirek was nominated by the Hamburg music award HANS as “best musician of the year” in 2015 and 2017.

Contributions by Sven Kacirek