Guy Lenoir

Guy Lenoir

Cultural Manager

  • Postcolonial development cooperation, Postcolonial art production, Decolonisation

  • Bordeaux (France)

Guy Lenoir is a French theatre and culture manager and has spent 30 years campaigning for artistic exchange with the African continent. Since 1982 he has been in contact with a whole generation of African authors, writers and dramatists who have challenged Europe’s relationship with the African continent and thereby altered the way it is perceived, helping people to see, feel and hear a modern and contemporary Africa that’s connected to the soul and the senses, and that is resolutely human. Guy Lenoir’s artistic approach is the desire to question established art, the way we encounter others. In 1989 he founded an association dedicated to Africa and the Africans: MC2a – Migrations Culturelles aquitaine Afriques, of which he became the artistic director. With MC2a he is developing an artistic project that looks at all aspects of migration. Because of its history and Africa’s history Bordeaux, as the home port of the continent, seems to be the ideal city for a project like this. An artistic project with several dimensions: artistic, cultural, but also political and social. In a constant exchange between the two continents, MC2a turns to African three-dimensional and photographic art, which is open to the philosophy of a boundless humanity characterised by the freedom and diversity of artistic expression, and is based on codes other than those in the Western world. MC2a, a production and development tool (technical and administrative support, support for co-productions ...), a place for resources and support for many artistic projects from Africa or the diaspora. In 2015 MC2a became co-founder of the Institut des Afriques, an initiative of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

Contributions by Guy Lenoir