MADAD – Mallory Nezam, De Nichols and Damon Davis



  • Postcolonial world order, Decolonisation

  • St. Louis (United States of America)

Mallory Nezam, De Nichols, and Damon Davis are the artists and designers of MADAD, a collective from St. Louis, MO. MADAD works to reimagine how joy, justice, and interactivity improve public spaces and cultural experiences in St. Louis.

Black Memory STL: Division, Displacement, and Local Diaspora is a multi-year series of public art installations and interventions that illuminate spatial injustice and cultural memory gaps in St. Louis, Missouri, as caused by racial division, residential displacement, and localized diaspora.
Mallory Nezam is a civic artist and cultural consultant who loves cities and believes that we have the tools to make them more equitable and joyful. She specializes in creative placeknowing and equitable community development and uses a performance practice to bring justice and joy to the cities she works in.
De Nichols is a designer, social entrepreneur, and keynote lecturer who mobilizes global change makers to activate creative ideas that address civic and social challenges within their communities.
Damon Davis is an award-winning post-disciplinary artist who works and resides in St. Louis, Missouri. His work spans across illustration, painting, printmaking, music, film, and public art.

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