Noa Ha

Noa Ha

Urban Scholar

  • Postcolonial world order, Colonial legacy, Culture of memory, Decolonisation

  • Dresden (Germany)

Noa K. Ha, Dr Eng, has since 2018 been head of the junior research group at the Centre for Integration Studies at TU Dresden. Her research focuses on postcolonial urban research, migrant-diasporic politics of commemoration, critical research on integration and criticism of racism. After training as a landscape gardener, she studied landscape planning at TU Berlin, where she earned her doctorate in architecture on informality and racism, using the example of street trading in Berlin. She initially taught and researched in historical urban studies, urban and spatial sociology at TU Berlin, Center for Metropolitan Studies, and at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She is a founding member of the Fachgesellschaft für rassismuskritische, postkoloniale und dekoloniale Forschung und Praxis (DeKolonial e.V.i.G.). In addition to her research, she contributed in a voluntary capacity to the Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. and the Asian-German association korientation e.V. Most recently, she published the article “From an Invisible Package of Unearned Assets: On White Privilege to a Visible Package of Exploited Assets: Cities in Europe” in POW & UP: Galerie Wedding, Space for Contemporary Art Berlin (exhibition catalogue, 2019) and the anthology Decolonize the City! Zur Kolonialität der Stadt – Gespräche Aushandlungen Perspektiven (2017) including her article “Zur Kolonialität des Städtischen” (pp. 75-87).

Contributions by Noa Ha