Vicensia Shule

Vicensia Shule


  • Colonial legacy, Decolonization, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

Vicensia Shule is an adjunct professor at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology and a senior member of the University of Dar es Salaam. She has conducted various research, produced reports and authored over 20 academic publications in the areas of arts and cultures, political economy of creative industries in Tanzania and Africa. Vicensia Shule is a consultant, analyst, campaign initiator and strategist in civil societies, public and private sectors. She an independent film and television drama producer with over 15 years of active production globally. For the past two decades, she has served in various boards of prominent institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

Vicensia Shule at the Latitude Festival:

While We Wait – Tanzanian Artistic Production in Times of Corona / by Vicensia Shule 

Conversation with Vicensia Shule

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