Thó Simões

Thó Simões


  • Colonial legacy, Decolonization, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Malanje (Angola)

Thó Simões was born 1973 in Malanje, Angola and received his art education at the National Institute of Art and Culture (INFAC) in Luanda. He works in various art disciplines, including painting, graffiti, photography, film, installations and performances. In his work Thó Simões combines the symbolism of old African traditions with the graffiti language from the streets of São Paulo to create his vision of life in African inner cities. Thó Simões is part of the international Leba Murals project in which 6000 m² of murals were realised. He has participated in many exhibitions in Europe, South America and Africa.

Thó Simões at the Latitude Festival:

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Contributions by Thó Simões