Mark Terkessidis

Mark Terkessidis


  • Berlin (Germany)

Mark Terkessidis is a freelance author with a focus on (popular) culture, migration, racism and social change. He studied psychology in Cologne and did his doctorate in pedagogy in Mainz on the “banality of racisms”. He is an editor of Spex magazine, a moderator for WDR Funkhaus Europa, a fellow at the Piet Zwart Instituut of the Willem de Kooning Akademie Rotterdam and was a lecturer at the University of St Gallen (HSG) until 2017. He published numerous articles in tageszeitung, Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Freitag, Literaturen, Texte zur Kunst, and made contributions to Westdeutscher Rundfunk and DeutschlandFunk. Together with Jochen Kühling he managed the project Heimatlieder aus Deutschland.

Mark Terkessidis at the Latitude Festival:

Suppressed Memory: Identity and the Politics of Memory on Trial

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