Quentin VerCetty Lindsay

Quentin VerCetty Lindsay


  • Colonial legacy, Culture of memory, Postcolonial art production, Decolonisation, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Toronto (Canada)

Quentin VerCetty Lindsay is an award-winning, multidisciplinary visual griot (storyteller), artpreneur, art educator, activist, and an ever-growing interstellar tree based in Montreal, Canada. He is also co-founder and director of the Black Speculative Arts Movement, whose foundational work with second-wave Afrofuturism provides new, inclusive, and intersectional perspectives to reimagine public spaces.

His project, Missing Black Technofossil Here, uses augmented reality, digital 3D art, and printing to address the absence of monuments to Black bodies in Toronto and across the Canadian landscape. The project will exhibit works of digital, imaginary monuments to local Black Canadian leaders, past and present, in futuristic community spaces. The project will facilitate workshops that engage community members to create awareness around erasure.
VerCetty Lindsay has numerous publications, art, and essays on Afrofuturism, art, feminism, gang and drug intervention, and social reforms in numerous publications. He also has his own book in the works about his life journey lessons from being a street hustler to where he is now, entitled Exported Pollen from Mercury: Tales and Parables from a Life Growth along with several artistic projects like creating a series of bronze cast rapid-prototype larger than life-scaled bust monument commissions.

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