Uta Werlich

Uta Werlich


  • Restitution, Provenance research, The role of museums

  • Munich (Germany)

Uta Werlich is director of the Museum Five Continents in Munich. She studied Sinology and Ethnology, as well as General and Comparative Literature, in Bonn, Berlin and Tainan (Taiwan). She wrote her doctoral thesis at the FU Berlin on the textile traditions of the Atayal people in Taiwan, with a particular focus on collection artefacts in German museums. She worked at the Museum of Cultures in Basel from 2005 to 2006 as curator for Central and Eastern Asia, and from 2006 to 2018 she headed the East Asian section at the Linden Museum in Stuttgart. Here, she curated projects such as the event series “China and the West” (2008) or the exhibitions Entdeckung Korea! Schätze aus deutschen Museen (treasures from German museums; 2012/13) and Oishii! Essen in Japan (food from Japan; 2017/18). Uta Werlich has been director of the Museum Five Continents in Munich since April 2018.

Contributions by Uta Werlich