Theater Fear & Fever

Scene from the performance "Fear & Fever"
Scene from the performance "Fear & Fever" | Photo (detail): Lea Dietrich © Fear & Fever
  • 26. September 2019 — 19. June 2020

  • Postcolonial world order, Postcolonial development cooperation, Postcolonial art production

  • Dar es Salaam (Tanzania); Bagamoyo (Tanzania); Arusha (Tanzania); Berlin (Germany); Hamburg (Germany); Kassel (Germany); Aarau (Switzerland)

The project "Fear & Fever" is a form of postcolonial development cooperation in malaria research. It is an international and interdisciplinary co-production of Tanzania, Germany and Switzerland. The stage performance focuses on the inequality still evident in research and treatment of malaria in Africa and Europe and will be shown at eight theatres in the participating countries until 2020.

Under the working title Malaria 'Heal the World', a "theatre science laboratory" was created, which will result in numerous performances in 2019 and 2020. The main partners in the project are ASEDEVA (Arts for Social and Economic Development in Africa) from Dar es Salaam and Flinn Works from Berlin. Since 2009 the German company has been working on current topics of the globalized world with postcolonial and feminist questions. Just like all of the company's plays, Fear & Fever is based on intensive research and uses the political and aesthetic attitudes of international performers for a multi-perspective dramaturgy. The production develops its form as a consequence of the content and the specific talents of the team: at the interface between ethnology, music and documentary theatre.

Inspired by debates on diseases, medicine and belief systems, Flinn Works (Berlin) and Asedeva (Dar es Salaam) explore the unequal world of malaria in this theatre science laboratory. Clinical studies are combined with historical reviews, choreographies and TED conversations.

The audience is confronted with the contradictory politics of malaria research and treatment. Based on individual experiences and research, the performance becomes the guiding principle of a journey through decades and continents, creating an atmosphere that changes "between high-tech laboratory, village square and fever dream".

Performance venues


26th (premiere) to 29th September 2019 Berlin: Sophiensäle; 8th and 9th October 2019 Hamburg: Museum am Rothenbaum (in cooperation with the Lichthoftheater); 11th and 12th October 2019 Kassel: Staatstheater

23rd October to 5th November 2019: traveling theather:

Dar es Salaam: Little Theatre and Nafasi Arts Space, Bagamoyo: Bagamoyo Festival, Arusha: Ibuka Dance Foundation Arusha

17th to 19th June 2020 Aarau: Theatre Tuchlaube

Contact person at the Goethe-Institut: Frank Werner, Director, Goethe-Institut Tanzania

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