Multimedia report African Ways

Mokodu Fall
Mokodu Fall | © Maik Reichert
  • 02. January 2019 — 31. December 2020

  • Colonial legacy, Postcolonial art production, Reappraisal of the colonial past

  • Rom (Italy)

Through multimedia reports, the project “African Ways” describes the development of people who live in Italy and have African ancestors. Using videos and photographs published on its website, the Goethe-Institut Italy highlights personal stories that paint a multicultural picture of Italian society. The aim is to improve the perception and appreciation of African influences in the country.

The jewellery shopAgadez Design near Rome, for example, has its very own African way. It works with the traditional forms of the Tuaregs, whose influence once extended as far as the Mediterranean, and has its designs produced in the few remaining, but globally highly regarded art forges in Niger.

Another report presents the story of Badara Seck, a singer and descendant of Senegalese griots, who have been using the power of music to heal and passing on stories since time immemorial. He is writing an opera about the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean by refugees, which he wants to perform together with European and African musicians.

African Ways also dedicates a report to the painter and fashion designer Mokodu Fall. Originally from Senegal, he has lived in Italy for more than two decades and prints garments with his pictures. In the video, the artist explains that he uses red, the colour of blood, to represent mankind. Another report highlights the imminent reopening of the Colonial Museum in Italy, which has been closed for 40 years.