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您已擁有您所屬國頒發的職業技能培訓畢業證、高等院校畢業證或其他畢業證?您須將該證件進行翻譯並進行公證。公證是指,官方機構對您的證書和文件真實性進行鑒定。最好由您所屬國的官方機構進行驗證。有時可能您的畢業證在德國並不被承認,您可事先在您所屬國進行核查(外國畢業證認證)。參閱網頁「德國認證 Recognition in Germany 獲取更詳盡資訊。關於這些也請參閱我們的資訊圖表。  

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您已獲得工作許可?那麼您可以開始找工作了。尋找工作職位有許多途徑:可通過網路、報紙或在勞動就業局的工作中心(Job-Center)裡的招聘啟事中獲得空缺職位資訊。在報紙中您通常僅能找到地區性的招聘資訊,但該資訊具有時效性。因特網中有很多職位資訊,但其不一定還有效。勞動就業局的工作中心將為您找到合適的職位提供諮詢。您也可直接問詢某一公司,有時剛好有空缺職位,卻未在報紙或網上發佈。在公司的網頁上有時也可能找到空缺職位。 另外,勞動就業局的職業資訊中心(BIZ)也可為您提供資訊:在那裡您將找到招聘職位資訊和許多關於勞動及職業的各種資訊。此外,您也可以在BIZ和工作中心(Job-Center)設立自己的求職檔案。如果您還不清楚您能夠或想要從事什麼樣的工作,BIZ也將為您提供職業諮詢。 進行實習也大有益處,因為您可以在實習中進一步認識所做的工作並在公司內建立人脈。

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求職申請是進入職場的第一步。其中,申請資料非常重要。您需要準備一封求職信、一張合適的免冠照片、個人簡歷和您的資歷證書(使用德語)。勞動就業局的職業資訊中心(BIZ)提供進修輔導班:「德國的申請資料」。這裡您將學習掌握如何正確準備申請資料和進行面試。 許多城市都為移民提供諮詢。同時,諮詢內容也包括如何找工作和申請職位(參見聯邦移民及難民局) 27歲以下的青年人可在青年移民局享受特殊諮詢。

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During their initial three months in Germany, refugees are not allowed to work. This period starts with the date of registration at the initial reception centre. Only after three months are you allowed to apply for a job. However, not every refugee who has claimed asylum is allowed to work. Refugees from so-called safe countries of origin are not permitted to work until their asylum application has been decided.

Would you like to work in Germany after these initial three months? In this case, you will need to obtain a permit from the Foreigners Registration Office. In the beginning, you won’t have as many options when it comes to job selection. However, this is going to change the longer you have been in Germany.

Once you have officially been granted refugee status in Germany, you are allowed to work without any restrictions. Are you a tolerated asylum seeker with a temporary stay of deportation? Then it will be at the authority’s discretion whether or not you are allowed to work.

Finding employment

Are you looking for a job? Then you can turn to the Job Centre. The Job Centre assists people in their job search and can help you. 

Arbeitsagentur: Jobbörse

But there are also other initiatives that assist refugees in their job search. You can find various job exchange sites on the Internet where you can register your details. Jobbörse für Flüchtlinge

jobbö Jobbörse für Flüchtlinge

Have you found a job? In this case, the Foreigners Registration Office will first check that no other EU citizen is available to fill this position. This is called priority review. If no other EU citizen is available for the specific job, you will be granted a work permit. The job centre still has to provide their consent.

Do you hold a vocational qualification or a graduate degree? In this case, your documents will first need to be reviewed to be recognised. If your documents are recognised in Germany, it will be easier to obtain a work permit as no priority review will be carried out. For more information on recognised qualifications, see the article on University Degrees and Vocational Training.

Germany currently has a high demand for skilled craftsmen or trained professionals such as nurses. Are you qualified in any of these professions? In this case, you can work without the need for a priority review.


Further questions? Write us via the contact form. We will forward your questions anonymously to the advisors of the youth migration services.

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