Nearly sixty films of impressive quality were submitted and challenged the jury to only select the best film from each country.

The winners come from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. Additionally a Jury Award was given to a film from Australia. The Goethe-Institut New Zealand has invited the winners to Wellington to collectively produce another short film about eco-tourism on smartphones.

On the 4th of November 2019 this was shown as a world premiere at the Embassy Theatre along with the exciting 3-5 minute smartphone films of the winners. In addition, experts from the fields of climate, tourism, culture and film will discussed challenges and opportunities in times of climate change and the role of culture in it.

Chains - Experimental Smartphone Film (Australia)

'Chains' compares and contrasts two worlds, the busyness of modern city life and the stillness of outer country nature. It explores the perceptions of each environment, and invites the audience to reflect on their own experience of such.

#Nucleus - Gewinner - Chains
Director: Michael Hollis is a film-maker who has previously worked on independent short films, sketches and student work. In 2018 he wrote and directed 'Baker’s Delight', co-wrote and directed a comedy-slasher called 'The Sound of Death'. He is constantly striving to produce more content and create as much as he can in between his larger projects.

Michael Hollis © Lewis Warner

​Bandung Park Hopping (Indonesia)

Indonesia, with a numbers of big cities, the country has actually made attempts on overcoming air pollution problems. Bandung, as one of the originators of a creative city, has a unique way of developing public space with a thematic park. Therefore, vegetation are planted to produce oxygen, cool down the temperature, and support the delivered theme in each park.

#Nucleus - Winner - Bandung Park Hopping
Credits: Fauzhyana Sharifa & Nabil Azizi – Director, Fauzhyana Sharifa & Nabil Azizi – Writer, Fauzhyana Sharifa & Nabil Azizi – Producer, Nabil Azizi – Key Cast, Tigapagi – Music 'The Way', Mamerico – Music 'Waltz For Hulot'

Directors: Nabil Azizi & Fauzhyana Sharifa
Nabil Azizi, born on 21 October 1998 in Jakarta, is an interior design student living in Bandung, Indonesia who enjoys exploring open spaces provided and generated by the government. Public facilities for him determines how a city is livable for human.

Fauzhyana Sharifa, born on 28 January 1999 in Jakarta, is a visual communication design student living in Bandung, Indonesia who speaks through photography and film. Her creations are mainly centered in exposing culture and people who hold stories to tell.
Fauzhyana Sharifa, Nabil Azizi © Nabil Azizi

Once upon a time (Malaysia)

The movie is about a lost love that a father tries to retrieve back through time. Related to that time are trees which reminds him of the time they spent together.

Video wird geladen
Credits: Wahh Afif – Director, Nik Dafli – Director, Amirul Firdaus – Writer, Amirul Firdaus – Producer, Nik Fadli – Key Cast

Producer: Amirul Firdaus, born on 23 January 1990 in Kuala Lumpur, is an architect and an engineer. He has a Chinese, Kadazan and Malay background. Amirul also works as a part-time photographer. He loves the visual, watching his surroundings that gives him inspiration. In his spare time, he likes to sketch, riding his bike and watching films. This short film is his first time filming.

Amirul Firdaus © Amirul Firdaus

​Mānuka (New Zealand)

The Mānuka is one of the most common native trees in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Valued for its many healing medicinal properties, as well as its regenerative nature, the Mānuka is an important ecological icon. This film is an exploration of the Mānuka plant and its relationship to various forms of ecological restoration endeavors.

#Nucleus - Manuka - New Zealand
Director: Sarah Davis (b.1997) is a multimedia artist and photographer who lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. She is currently completing her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Photography and Media Arts from 'Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design'. She is interested in utilizing photography and moving image to reveal the unseen and overlooked. Her current practice is an exploration of ideas surrounding ecology and New Zealand native plants, with an interest in restorative ecological efforts in the age of climate change and anthropogenic.
Sarah Davis © Fiona Davis

​Alocasia (Phillipines)

In the short film, 'Alocasia', a young woman by the name of Alocasia, also a local plant of the region, describes how her neighborhood has been tarnished by the effects of man. It describes a turning point in her life, where she decides to incite change, in hopes that one day the effects can be reversed and humanity and nature can indeed coexist.

#Nucleus - Gewinner - Alocasia
Credits: Loyd Doron – Director, Carson McGill – Writer, Loyd Doron – Producer, Leiam Mae Fernando – Key Cast 'Alocasia', Loyd Doron – Editor

Director: Loyd Doron, born on 2nd April 2000, is an aspiring videographer/filmmaker based in Southern Leyte, Philippines. He often creates inspiring content for the internet in hopes to spark a spirit of unity and seeking discomfort among a community of people. He hopes that one day, his passion for making films and inspiring others with his unique storytelling ability will lead him to the big screen, where he will be able to share this passion with others across the whole globe.
Loyd Doron © Loyd Doron

​Gaia (Singapore)

The film follows a team of researchers for a sinister corporation, as they look for solutions to an unnamed crisis facing humanity. Believing they have found a sanctuary for human survival, in a remote location off the coast of Singapore, they are beset by psychological turmoil caused by plants that defend themselves against the corporation’s goal to exploit every natural resource for human benefit. If Gaia was real, would she want humans as part of her system?

#Nucleus - Gaia - Singapore
Credits: Tejas Ewing – Director, Tejas Ewing – Writer, Jeremy Ward – Key Cast, Akhil Atluri – Key Cast, Aryan Sarswat – Key Cast, Sujay Bangale – Key Cast, Deepesh Vasudev – Key Cast, Deepesh Vasudev – Editor, Richard Cooper – Music, Deepesh Vasudev – Producer

Director: Tejas Ewing is a filmmaker, journalist, author and CEO of Ewing Communications. Tejas specializes in creating innovative learning programs for NGOs, academic and government institutions. As a filmmaker, Tejas studied at 'Prague Film School', and has worked on over 15 short films, including both award-winning and award-nominated films, in Singapore, Canada and United Kingdom. He has deep passion for telling compelling stories that encourage audiences to think about social and environmental issues.
Tejas Ewing © Tejas Ewing

​Not just a tree (Vietnam)

The short film is based on the idea that people in big cities do not care about the plants, the trees. Therefore, not so many people realize how few plants are left in a crowded city. Instead of getting to know more the trees around them, people tend to cut down many trees to save space for something else.

#Nucleus - Not just a tree
Director: Huy Tam Dang is passionate about recording and making films. As time went by, he has sharpened his skills in the field of photography and cinematography. In order to upgrade his skills, he is learning from online resources such as YouTube, Coursera or Udemy, but he is also participating in classes, workshops and seminars.
Huy Tam Dang © Thai Cam Han

Dog Fruit (Australia) - Jury Award

Stepping into a very sticky situation, eco-warrior 'Mrs Ticklebottom' faces her toughest challenge yet, dealing with dog poo on the streets. Dog poo on the streets is bad for our waterways, our oceans and our shoes. We wanted to tell our story without dialogue, using the strong visual image of a jar of dog poo as our starting point.

#Nucleus - Gewinner - Dog Fruit
Credits: Andrew Robb – Director, Jessica Gerger – Director, Jessica Gerger and Andrew Robb – Writer, Andrew Robb Films – Producer, Jessica Gerger – Key Cast 'Mrs Ticklebottom', Andrew Robb – Key Cast 'Man'

Directors: Andrew Robb & Jessica Gerger have been making short films for the past fifteen years. Originally from Canberra, Andrew worked for several years as an actor in the UK, playing challenging roles such as 'Mr. Bruce the Aussie Tourist' on 'The Basil Brush Show'. He also produced the cult hit Australian comedy 'The Vegemite Tales' in London's West End before moving back to settle in Melbourne's Sunshine.
Jessica trained as an actor at the 'Drama Centre London' before a successful television and stage career. Jessica comes from a long line of performers and directors in her family and she has combined her passion for the environment and performance through her children's book and theatre character 'Mrs Ticklebottom'.
Andrew Robb & Jessica Gerger © Andrew Robb