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Setabuhan is a project created by Rully Shabara in 2017. In essence, it is a modern reinvention of tribal trance music delivered by the pure muscle and stamina of two heavy percussionists (Ramberto Agozalie and Caesarking), with voice (Rully Shabara) as the only other instrument. The project is originally inspired by the monotonous and interlocking beats of the ancient Central Sulawesian ritual, Balia; a dance associated with animism and sacred objects, particularly relating to traditional medicine used to treat someone who is affected by evil spirits.

The music of Setabuhan tries to maintain the concept of opposed yet somewhat synchronized duality, but then amplifies the energy with layers of heavy contemporary sounds. Their live performances are accompanied by pairs of martial artists fighting each other, or, in some cases, the band opens the pit to audience members or selected amateur fighters to participate in free-form street fighting styles. The project does not to promote violence, but rather aims to propose ways of managing aggression and body contact via an ultimate spectacle and release of raw energy.

Setabuhan released their first album this past March 2018 on Yes No Wave Music. They have performed at the Jogja Biennale XIV, Yes No Klub, Dark MOFO in Tasmania, and the Resonant Bodies Festival 2018 in Sydney, Australia.