Club Night: Pointillistic Haze - Goethe-Institut
Club Night

Pointillistic Haze

Y-DRA live.
Photo: Udo Siegfriedt / CTM 2020

Sat, 01.02.2020 10:00 PM


Rollbergstraße 26
12053 Berlin


Language: N/A
Price: 18 € via CTM website or at the door

A club night dedicated to artists exploring the intersections of contemporary club and hardcore sounds, and localised pop musics from various regions included Nusasonic-supported artist Yennu Ariendra aka Y-DRA.

Y-DRA examines the potential for resistance in koplo (or “stupid” in Indonesian), a popular Indonesian music genre that channels the sentiments and experiences of the country's working class. Hybrids of new, vivid, visceral sounds, his album and live show titled “No-Brain Dance” channel koplo’s rhythmic elements alongside techno and IDM to shapeshift between identities and realities.

The evening’s lineup included: Rizan Said, Borokov Borokov, Mo Chan aka DJ Kohlrabi, and many more.