Workshop: Live Coding Visuals with Hydra - Goethe-Institut

Live Coding Visuals with Hydra

© Olivia Jack

4 PM UTC+7 / 11 AM UTC+2



Language: English
Price: Free with pre-registration

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Led by Olivia Jack

Olivia will give an introduction to live coding using the web-based video synthesizer Hydra ( Inspired by analogue modular synthesis, Hydra allows multiple visual sources (oscillators, cameras, application windows, remote video streams) to be transformed, modulated, and composited by combining sequences of functions. The workshop offers an introduction to creative coding and creating live visuals using this flexible system, and gives insight to the process of writing code as a creative and exploratory practice.

Specific topics covered include: 

  • Introduction to live coding and video synthesis 
  • Analogies between synthesis of sound and image: oscillation, frequency, modulation, pattern
  • Audio-reactivity and audiovisual collaboration

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