Workshop: Track Dissection: a fflash gun for a ffiver - Goethe-Institut

Track Dissection: a fflash gun for a ffiver


4 PM UTC+7 / 11 AM UTC+2



Language: English
Price: Free with pre-registration

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Ableton workshop with aya

Have you ever wanted to make a track that’s simultaneously two tempos? Do you struggle with dynamics and spatialisation? Or are you just hitting a dead end with a track?

Join aya in dissecting her track "fflash gun for a ffiver" together. In pulling this track apart you’ll explore your role as both an artist and technician. We’ll look at how polyrhythms can develop new ideas from creative dead ends; how to create space in the mix for complex arrangements; and how to use effect chains to create morphing textures. We’ll discuss how to create and choose sounds that communicate a novel and cohesive sonic universe to a listener.

This workshop is aimed at (but not limited to) ableton live users with an intermediate experience of music production. 

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