After Sounding: Archiving Sound Projects, Expanding the Practice

Dayang Yraola - Maceda Collection Open Reel

4 PM Jakarta time (UTC+7)



Language: English
Price: Free with pre-registration

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Led by Dayang Yraola

The workshop proposes a path for sound projects, both performative and installative, that could be followed after their intended staging – namely through archiving. While international standards for scientific archiving are acknowledged, this workshop is designed in the same DIY spirit that is at the heart of many music and sound projects — gathering lessons from the works of early and pioneering sound artists  and identifying best practices that fit specific situations, needs, and artistic formats. Starting with case studies presented by Dayang, the workshop will then open up for discussion of individual practices/projects of the participants.

The workshop therefore will attempt to present an adaptable framework for archival work, that aims also to envision archiving as an integral part of any sound/music project.

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