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Open Call for Participants
MusicMakers Hacklab – Play Ecology

The MusicMakers Hacklab is a weeklong collaborative laboratory hosted by Peter Kirn of CDM (cdm.link) and created in collaboration with CTM Festival since 2013. Having travelled to other festivals and locations such as Mexico City and Prague, the Hacklab arrives in Yogyakarta with co-hosts Andreas Siagian and Lintang Radittya, to reflect on the playful and collaborative aspects of music creation.

Invention has often focused on the self – the solo creator – making an object devised for a lone user. But music is about transmission and ensemble, and in live performance (as opposed to recording), has always centered on the resources available, and the immediacy of improvising together with them. It’s about play.

How would a ballet dancer improvise with a punk rock drummer? How might a microbiologist imagine group communication? How would you build instruments from what’s around to make it easier to play with one another – and what would your approach be if you had studied electrical engineering versus plumbing versus architecture versus pottery? What would happen if an experienced gamelan player combined methods with a choir director?

With the Play Ecology theme, the Hacklab imagines a series of performances and instrumental creations that draw on our coinciding voices and ideas. It’s a chance to discover how we can all speak at once but find new ways of saying something together.


We invite participants to invent collaborative performances that embrace improvisation, teamwork, flexibility, multiple voices, and surrounding the Play Ecology theme.

Interested visual artists, singers, dancers, musicians,  improvisers, technologists, scientists, instrument builders, performers, and developers from various disciplines are encouraged to submit music project ideas to become Hacklab Fellows.

In a spirit of sharing and community, the Hacklab will be open to walk-ins from both hackers and the general public. We’ll have a week together to explore and invent, culminating in a live performance at Eloprogo Art House on October 13th.

Application Deadline: 25 September 2018.

Selected applicants will be announced end of September. Hacklab Fellows will receive passes to the Nusasonic festival as compensation.


The CTM MusicMakers Hacklab at Nusasonic is presented in collaboration with CDM and CTM’s Berlin Current Initiative, which is supported by the Musicboard Berlin.