About the project

Language defines the world. The Goethe-Institut stands for an inclusive language - and thus for an inclusive world.

With Artificially correct, we work with experts to develop a tool that minimises the bias in translations. We want to strengthen the position of translators and a conscious approach to translation machines and include the reality of as many people as possible in them.    

Specifically, Artificially correct deals with AI-based translation tools and the biases (e.g. gender/racial bias) whose translations they generate. Artificially correct creates an active network of people affected by this problem - translators, publishers, activists and experiential experts - and identifies partners who will pursue the issue with us in the long term. We bring together perspectives, create awareness, share knowledge and stimulate discussion.

Get involved and find out more

We appreciate your interest in the project. The project coordinators will be happy to answer your questions.

Alexandra Stang, Head of Information & Library, Goethe-Institut Finnland,  Alexandra.Stang@goethe.de

Lisa Blumenthal, project coordinator, Goethe-Institut Schweden, lisa.blumenthal@goethe.de