Interactive Online Event The European Couch Lesson

The European Couch Lesson
Illustration: Marcia Mihotich
We don’t know about you but after a year of COVID-19 our brains are hungry for input, connection and frankly seeing new faces to interrupt the monotony of self-isolation. For the grand finale of the weekly lecture series Couch Lessons – in the middle of the second lockdown – the European Couch Lesson, on December 18, invites you to engage in a special kind of interactive online space, in which you can choose between over 30 different intimate group video conversations with experts on AI in real time.

You can choose to join a wide array of conversations to take part in ranging from the fields of creativity, climate, education, social impact/society or human and robot interaction. Each of them starts out by asking a question:
  • Is the end of truth near here? How can we counter AI deception?
  • Can AI be our new best friend? Our lover?
  • Is artistic research the better research to secure ethical AI?
  • And would you blindly trust an AI to determine your eating schedule based on your personal data?
The interactive multi-room setting – think of it as walking through a room full of conversational bubbles you can stick your head in – allows for a shared experience for everyone. For two hours you can roam the space, join four rounds of conversations of your choice and talk to other participants and experts alike.

Doris Aschenbrenner, TU Delft | AI + Work
Regina Bäck, Zentrum für Ethik der Medien und digitale Gesellschaft | AI + Art Education
Varoon Bashyakarla, Tactical Tech | AI + Privacy
Ryan Beal, University of Southampton | AI + Sports
Henrik Chulu, freelance editor | AI + Manipulation
Sofia Crespo, Artist | AI + Biology
David Dao, ETH Zurich & DS3Lab & GainForest | AI + Climate
Kate Devlin, King's College London | AI + Sex
Sophie-Charlotte Fischer, ETH Zürich | AI + Geopolitics
Kristoffer Gansing, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts | AI + Stupidity
Marc Garrett, Furtherfield | AI + Inclusion
Max Haarich, Gesellschaft für Digitale Ethik & Republik Užupis | AI + Artistic Research
Anna Henschel, Social Brain in Action Lab | AI + TV Robots
Moisés Horta, Musician and Sound Artist | AI + Music
Julian Jacobs, Fulbright-Stipendiat | AI + Inequality
Katharine Jarmul, Cape Privacy | AI + Generative Artworks
Lorena Jaume-Palasi, Ethical Tech Society | AI + Ethics
Gunay Kazimzade, Weizenbaum Institut | AI + Bias
Konstantin Klemmer, University of Warwick & New York University | AI + Regulation
Andrian Kreye, Süddeutsche Zeitung | AI + Singularity
Elisa Lindinger, Superrr Lab | AI + Society
Maxine Mackintosh, The Alan Turing Institute & The Health Foundation & University of Oxford | AI + Health
Jurica Mlinarec, KONTEJNER | bureau for contemporary art praxis | AI + Cyborgs
Linda Monsees, Ecole Normale Supérieure | AI + Democracy
Frithjof Nagel, Gesellschaft für Informatik | AI + Truth
Viktoriya Olari, Fraunhofer Institut | AI + Primary Education
Giorgio Patrini, | AI + Reality
Michael Puntschuh, iRights.Lab | AI + Discrimination
Anna Ridler, Artist | AI + Art
Chloé Rutzerveld, Future Food Designer | AI + Food
Marcus du Sautoy, University of Oxford | AI + Creativity
Björn Schuller, Imperial College London & Universität Augsburg | AI + Covid-19
Carolin Sinders, Convocation Design + Research | AI + Responsibility
Riina Vuorikari, European Commission | AI + Teachers
Nell Watson, Singularity University | AI + Friendship

“Couch Lessons” is part of “Generation A=Algorithm” a project by the Goethe-Institut, supported with special funds from the Federal Foreign Office for the German EU Council Presidency in 2020.