AI Festival

What happens when the function logic of algorithmically controlled technology encounters the inherent logic of culture and society? The three-day hybrid festival WHEN MACHINES DREAM THE FUTURE took a look at this question from 12th – 14th November 2021. Here, you can find recordings of the keynotes and panels that outlined possible answers during the festival.

intro robots © Goethe-Institut

Couch Lessons

Experts from Europe (and from all over the world) will discuss the opportunities, challenges and risks associated with algorithmic decision-making systems in the digital-format Couch Lessons. We recorded the Couch Lessons for you. 
AI + Covid-19 Illustration: Marcia Mihotich


Karen Hao, senior AI reporter at MIT Technology Review / US
Rahul Panicker, Chief Innovation Officer, Wadhwani AI - AI for Social Good / India
Björn Schuller, Professor of artificial intelligence at Imperial College London and chair of embedded intelligence for healthcare and wellbeing at the University of Augsburg / Germany

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KI + Music Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Music

Claire L. Evans, singer, writer and artist, lead singer of the pop group YACHT / US
Holly Herndon, composer, musician and sound artist / Germany
Ash Koosha, composer, producer, singer and filmmaker / UK

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AI + Climate Change Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Climate Change

Victor Galaz, Deputy Director and Associate Professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre / Sweden
Lynn Kaack, Energy Politics Group ETH Zürich and Co-Chair of Climate Change AI / Schweiz
Sims Witherspoon, Program Manager, DeepMind

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AI + Democracy Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Democracy

Linda Monsees, Research Chair in the Geopolitics of Risk, Ecole Normale Supérieure / France
Nathaniel Raymonds, Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs /USA

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AI + Inclusion Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Inclusion

Nnenna Nwakanma, World Wide Web Foundation / Nigeria
Mike Wald, The Alan Turing Institute / United Kingdom


AI + Sports Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Sports

Ryan Beal, researcher at the University of Southampton, Data Scientist AI Abacus, Co-Founder Sentient Sports
Claes Kalderen, CEO Racefox
Whitney Jenkins, Executive Creative Director, Laundry Service

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AI + Nature Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Nature

Ekaterina Stambolieva, founder and CEO of Nina Space / Portugal
Craig Ganssle, founder and CEO of Farmwave / USA
Yasaman Sheri, Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design (CIID)

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AI + Economy Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Economy

Julian Jacobs, Brown University graduate, Fulbright scholar and graduate of the London School of Economics, Department of Political Economy / USA
Alex Trott, Salesforce research scientist, developer of AI Economist / USA
Jonas Hedman, Copenhagen Business School, Department of Digitalization

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AI + Reality Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Reality

Giorgio Patrini, CEO and Chief Scientist at sensity / Netherlands
Julian Togelius, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, New York University / USA
Hao Li, Founder and CEO of Pinscreen, professor of computer science at the University of Southern California, director of the Vision and Graphics Lab at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies

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Image of a young person looking on their phone; a pink drawing of a girlande embraces her © Marcia Mihotich

AI + Intimacy

Kate Devlin, Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence, King’s College London
Sophie Kleber, user experience designer, Google

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AI + Language Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Language

Melanie Mitchell, Davis Professor of Complexity at the Santa Fe Institute and Professor of Computer Science, Portland State University
Aljoscha Burchardt, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Ross Goodwin, creative technologist, artist, hacker, data scientist

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AI + Peace Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Peace

Angela Kane, Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
P. W. Singer, Military Analyst and Political Scientist

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AI + Privacy Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Privacy

Rand Hindi, Co-Founder & CEO at Zama / France
Karen Yeung, Interdisciplinary Professorial Fellow in Law, Ethics and Informatics at the University of Birmingham / UK
Varoon Bashyakarla, Data Scientist at the Tactical Technology Collective

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AI + Health Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Health

Naomi Lee, Vice Chair at ITU/WHO Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health and Senior Executive Editor, The Lancet
Maxine Mackintosh, The Alan Turing Institute, The Health Foundation and the University of Oxford / UK
Frank Noe, Head of the AI4Science Group, Freie Universität Berlin / Deutschland

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AI + Bias Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Bias

Caroline Sinders, machine-learning-design researcher and artist / US
Lorena Jaume-Palasí, Executive Director The Ethical Tech Society / Germany
Gunay Kazimzade, Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society / Germany

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AI + The Future of Work Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + The Future of Work

Anne-Marie Imafidon, MBE, co-founder of Stemettes and keynote speaker on innovation and diversity in Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths / UK
Vanja Tufvesson, CTO at Tengai Unbiased and Co-Founder of Pink Programming / Sweden
Carl Frey, Oxford Martin Citi Fellow at Oxford University, Director of the program on the Future of Work at the Oxford Martin School / UK

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AI + Ethics Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Ethics

Carla Hustedt, Project Lead “Ethics of Algorithms” at Bertelsmann Stiftung
Sarah Spiekermann, Author and Head of the Institute for Information Systems and Society, Vienna University of Economic and Business / Austria

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AI + creativity Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + Creativity

Anne Ridler, artist / UK
Marcus du Sautoy, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. Author of Creativity code / UK
Jessica Rosenkrantz, Nervous System / USA

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AI + human-robot interaction Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + human-robot interaction

Kate Darling, Robot Ethicist, MIT Media Lab / UK
Sami Haddadin, Director of the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, TUM, and Chair of Robotics Science and Systems Intelligence / Deutschland

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AI + Intelligence Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

AI + intelligence

Markus Gabriel, professor of Philosophy, University of Bonn / Germany
Nell Watson, machine learning researcher / UK

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