Cammack Lindsey

Cammack Lindsey


  • Digital Remembrance, Technology, Arts

  • Berlin (Germany)

Cammack Lindsey (b. 1990) studied art and literature at the University of Texas, textile design at the École supérieure d'art Françoise Conte in Paris and art and media at the UdK Berlin. She primarily works in the formats of sound, performances and installations.
Her work focuses on cyanobacteria (blue-green bacteria). These contribute to ecological balance by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. However, due to climate shifts caused by industrialisation and capitalism, cyanobacteria have sometimes spread too extensively and produce too many toxins, making them a burden on the ecosystem.
Cammack sees parallels between the development of cyanobacteria and human exploitation in the course of industrialisation and capitalism. She will explore these further and elaborate them artistically during her residency at the Instituto de Tecnologia in Pisa. To accomplish this, she will analyse measurements of the bacteria with neural networks and transfer the patterns she finds to autonomous machines. The expansion of the bacteria to machine bodies creates webs of relationships between ecosystems, the exploitation of labour and advancing automation.

Contributions by Cammack Lindsey