Florian Model

​Florian Model


  • Artificial intelligence, Technology, Arts

  • Stuttgart (Germany)

Florian Model (b. 1991) first studied communication design and then art at the ABK Stuttgart. He has been a lecturer at the Merz Akademie Stuttgart since 2017. In his work, he deals with the effects of technological developments on our individual and collective lives. He is particularly interested in the inherent dynamics that emerge from systems we have constructed.
Florian Model assumes that we are all connected through our common origin in the initial cell division and the subsequent exchange and modification of cells. We are not as clearly delimitable as we appear, but are in open exchange with the environment instead. Non-human organisms are also part of this interconnectedness.
As part of his residency at the Centre for AI and Cybersecurity at the University of Rijeka, Florian Model will work on unsupervised learning in multi-agent systems. He will focus on the question of how superordinate structures or systems emerge from the behaviour and interaction of individual agents and how these interact with the individual agents to condition them and their behaviour. How does social behaviour emerge from this interaction?

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