Louis Scantlebury

​Louis Scantlebury


  • Artificial intelligence, Technology, Arts

  • London (Germany)

Louis Scantlebury (b. 1996) lives and works in London, and studied art there at the Slade School of Art. His preferred methods and media are fictional settings, speculative design and game design.
In his work Hyperobjective, he addresses the difficulty of grasping climatic changes on a time scale outside our own lifetime. In a speculative game he designed, we can simulate the development of sea levels for the next two thousand years and experience it from an intersubjective, intergenerational perspective. Another focus of his work to date is the examination of crowds and spectator behaviour.  For this, he analyses stadium visitors or attendees of SantaCon (a get-together in London of people dressed as Father Christmas for the purpose of getting sauced) not from the outside, but from the inside, by mingling with them, performatively influencing what is happening and documenting reactions.
Another of Scantlebury's fields of interest is the ambivalent relationship to technology that can be perceived in society: a (frequently superficial) criticism on the one hand, and on the other a (tendentially unconditional) belief in technology, specifically in relation to AI. At CINETIC (Centre for Research and Education in Innovative and Creative Technologies) at the National University for Theatre and Film in Bucharest, Louis Scantlebury will expand his work to include an examination of AI.

Contributions by ​Louis Scantlebury