Georgia Skartadou

Georgia Skartadou


  • Artificial intelligence, Technology, Arts

  • Patras (Greece)

Georgia Skartadou (b. 1991) lives and works in Patras, Greece. She holds a master's degree in architectural engineering from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and a master's degree in audiovisual arts in the digital age from Ionian University, Greece.

Central to Skartadou's work is the combination of science and digital techniques with aesthetics, art and design. She uses tools and methods such as virtual reality, machine learning, simulations and data visualisations. She addresses relationships between us humans and our tools, artefacts we create and our environment, which we shape, but which also shapes us. Here, for instance, she explores the technical production and distribution of images and texts that serve as a means to create our worldview.

During her residency at the Social Brain in Action Lab in Glasgow, Georgia Skartadou will further pursue these interactions between technology, our social interactions, neuroscience and aesthetics, speculating about how AI might possibly look in the future.

Contributions by Georgia Skartadou