Tobias Zimmer

Tobias Zimmer


  • Artificial intelligence, Technology, Arts

  • Weimar (Germany)

Tobias Zimmer (b. 1990) lives in Weimar, where he is currently studying media art/media design at the Bauhaus University. Previously, he studied intermedia design at Trier University of Applied Sciences. In his work, he searches for parallels between algorithmic behaviour of machines and algorithmic behaviour of humans.
On the one hand, the quantification of everyday processes plays an important role. The data generated in this way are analysed algorithmically and thus condition future behaviour or generate new artefacts, such as in his work “Food Data”. He recorded the spatial arrangement of bread crumbs on plates and used these as parameters for generative design. The designs calculated in this way were laser-cut back into the plates. On the other hand, the process of repetition (characteristic of algorithms) and automation is a central subject in his work. In "Identical Walk" he attempted to perform the exact same walk for twenty-one consecutive days, supported by a variety of sensors including microphones, headphones, breath sensor, GPS sensor, humidity and pressure sensors, thermometer and accelerometer.
In collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Lab in Sofia, Tobias Zimmer will continue to advance his work on transparency in AI, sensory access to technology, an understanding of technology and ways of influencing and changing algorithms.

Contributions by Tobias Zimmer