Data Detox


Detox Workshop © Lena Ziyal In 2020 and 2021, online training courses for library staff of Goethe-Instituts abroad will be offered as part of the project "Generation A=Algorithm". These training courses are designed to empower libraries as third places actively shaping the digital transition.
Each of the four-day training courses will focus on our relationship to algorithms: How do digital technologies affect society and individual autonomy? How do algorithms change the way we access and react to information? What role do we play as users and consumers? How are we influenced by algorithms and how "transparent" are we? How can we be confident that images and texts on the web are "real"?
In the Train-the-Trainer courses, participating librarians of Goethe-Instituts abroad will learn how to present knowledge about algorithms and their influence on all our lives to young adults in a selection of workshops and with the help of various exhibitions. Education about online data protection and the preservation of autonomy in an algorithm-driven world is as much a focus of the training as is raising awareness of one's own data track on the web.

If you work as a librarian and are interested in the content of the training courses, please contact the Goethe-Institut in your country.


The training courses are offered in cooperation with Tactical Tech, a Berlin-based organisation working with an international audience of committed citizens and civil society actors to investigate and mitigate the impact of technology on society. Tactical Tech is also providing the poster exhibition The Glass Room Exhibition.

The Glass Room
Tactical Tec