Mika Lietzén

Mika Lietzén (self-portrait)
Mika Lietzén (self-portrait) | © Mika Lietzén

Mika Lietzén (b.1974) is a comic artist and illustrator from Turku, Finland.

He has a Master of Arts from the University of Turku, and has also studied in Britain and the USA.

Between 1999 and 2001, he worked as a copywriter for the Focus Communications Group, and has worked as a freelance comic artist and illustrator since 2001. Lietzén uses simple line work to tell humane stories of life, relationships and everyday people with everyday hardships.

His best known work is Elegia (2008), a graphic novel that becomes a stage for performing a spoken play.

Mika Lietzén has published in anthologies and magazines including Glömp, Minipulu and Laikku, and is the author of the graphic novels Lohikäärmeen varvas (2003), Engelsmannit tulevat!/Engelsmännen kommer! (2004), Kramppeja ja nyrjähdyksiä: Kukkakauppiaan onnenpäivä (2005) and Tarinoita Lännestä (2006). Among Lietzén's regular series are Kramppeja ja nyrjähdyksiä, Taivaankappaleita, Sananaksia, Vihreä Lanka and Humalistonkatu.

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