Educational project

School of Forgetting

School of Forgetting
© Martin Polak, PLATO

Mon, 07.10.2019 -
Sun, 08.12.2019

PLATO Ostrava

Janáčkova 22
Ostrava – Vítkovice


Price: Application process closed

School of Forgetting is an experimental school for 20 participants from among students of Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Ostrava.

Les gens de Uterpan (F), choreographer and artists; Ivan Mečl and Nová Perla Kyjov (CZ), curators and organizers of cultural events; Kem (PL), feminist and queer artist group; Tomáš Uhnák (CZ), artist and performer; Radim Labuda and Punctum (CZ/SK), artistic and organizational collective
Application process closed.