The Artist
Little Dreams (in Khirkee)

Aisha, an eleven year old Afghan girl, describes her life as she grows up in Delhi; from the difficult days of the Covid-19 lockdown to what she loves about Khirkee, to her dreams for her future.


Now that I am older and understand a lot of things, I know I am an Afghan refugee girl. And like many other girls my age, I am full of imagination.

Khirkee was the first place that Aisha saw in Delhi when she arrived as an eight year old. She was surprised to see so many Afghans living there! Now, she has lived in the locality for almost four years. This includes the difficult time of the Covid-19 lockdown, when there were strict restrictions on people leaving the house.

Join Aisha as she shares the small details of her everyday life, from the art projects she created to cope with the boredom of the lockdown, to her love for parks and riding her bicycle, to her determination to achieve her dreams. ‘Little Dreams (in Khirkee)’ follows her footsteps in the part of Delhi she now calls home.

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The Artist Little Dreams (in Khirkee)