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Messy Goes to OKIDO: Nimby Goes to the Cloud Club

The show was adapted from characters of the children's arts and science magazine "OKIDO" and follows the inquisitive and loveable monster Messy, who brings science to life as he embarks on adventures with his best friends Zoe and Felix through the colorful world of Okido. Together, they are trying to find the answers to life's big questions. In this episode, Nimby is too nervous to do his first 'Cloud Club Badge'. Messy and his friends come up with a plan to help Nimby overcome his nerves and save OKIDO from some mysterious accidents.


حول لإخراج

Liz Whitaker

المتعلمين الصغار (5-8 سنوات)
  • الفئة التعليم الترفيهي العائلي

  • الإنتاج Doodle Productions
  • مدة العرض 11:00 دقائق
  • البلد المملكة المتحدة
  • السنة 2018

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