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Experiment Children’s Science

Uruguay Divercine 2018: Best Documentary Short Film

Focus Theme:
2019 Humboldt and the Web of Life

“Experiment Children's Science” is a TV report series for children and hosted by children who raise different questions on diverse science and technology topics, visit a laboratory or institution where they meet a researcher. In this episode, Pancho wonders about how diverse life in the ocean is. During his holidays, he meets Rubén Escribano, an oceanographer, with whom he takes a short field trip to collect a sample of the ocean and analyzes it under the microscope. 

Director Details

Karen Garib

Primary School (9-11 years)
  • Categories Family Edutainment

  • Original Title Experimenta ciencia de niños
  • Produced by Consejo Nacional de Televisión y Fundación Ciencia y Vida
  • Running Time 9:58 minutes
  • Country Chile
  • Year 2018

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