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Ralph and the Dinosaurs

Best animated series, International Animation Festival AJAYU 2018 Puno –

Did you know that some dinosaurs had fur? Has anyone ever told you that the Tyrannosaurus wasn’t the biggest flesh-eating dinosaur, and that each year we discover new species of dinosaurs, even though they have been extinct for millions of years? And did you know some dinosaurs actually ate stones? Since the existence of these giant creatures was discovered on this planet, our knowledge about dinosaurs and what they must have looked like hasn’t stopped changing. Follow Ralph's adventures in the world of dinosaurs and have fun learning or refreshing your ideas about what you think you already know.

Director Details

Marcel Barelli

Primary School (9-11 years)
  • Categories Family Edutainment

  • Original Title Ralph et les Dinosaures
  • Produced by Nadasdy film
  • Running Time 5:00 minutes
  • Country Switzerland
  • Year 2017

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